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Bidding on NiteFlirt (you don’t have to do it)

March 12, 2023


First of all, NiteFlirt cannot even define (LVS) what listing value is!  They hint at it in their flirt’s help section, but it does not in any clear way define it.  It changes, it’s not important to your success and it resets every night at 12:01 pt. This is directly from NiteFlirt’s featured listings explanation.

LVS is not fixed and may change regularly based on recent results. Furthermore, a particular listing’s LVS is a relative measure, meaning that changes in the scores of other listings in your listing category may affect your listing’s rank. LVS scores are updated periodically throughout the day.

Remember, even if you do not have an active bid, your listing has a Listing Value Score and will appear in Featured Listings among those who are bidding competitively.

Note: You can be very successful on NiteFlirt and still have a low LVS. LVS does not measure your overall site performance nor does it measure how much money you make compared to your peers. LVS is a formula used to measure how valuable your listing is in the Featured Listings sort. Many Flirts run a very successful business on NiteFlirt and find their customers in ways other than Featured Listings. 


Oh, you can make good money for a time…but it ends.  Provided you don’t suck at phone sex nor are you obnoxious and rude to customers by being a money hungry shallow FinDom, the front page WILL WORK FOR YOU FOR A TIME and then like all good things, it comes to an end.

I’ve recently been observing a new account that has done OK with the front page but who now is struggling.  This is commonplace.  Will she stick with it or quit?


  • There’s always such a thing as curiosity.  Customers will call you just to check you out.  It’s the ‘fresh meat’ syndrome and unless you are particularly talented and interesting, those callers most likely won’t come back.  They have their favorites and long term relationships and will stick with them.  They were simply ‘curious’ about you.
  • The same ol’ story guy.  There are these men who have called NiteFlirt for YEARS and who tell the same ol’ story over and over again.  They’ve been telling this story for decades!  They always need someone new to drone that ol’ story to.  That may be you!  And, you will sound as entertained by it  as we all were when we heard it 10 yrs ago. LOL But, once he’s told YOU he moves on.
  • You will be willing or ignorant of the rules and breaking the rules will get you calls.  “I have no limits” and those who say, “no judgement zone” and advertise, ‘deviant sick twisted”.  Yep, they’ll get the pedo’s and sicko’s but at what cost?
  • *Even though NiteFlirt has now published the rules above the listing body, there are STILL girls who think the only way to make money in phone sex is to pander to pedo’s and deviants.  Or, pedos and deviants find YOU and expect you not to know better.  Or, you may be desperate.  Is it worth your mental health?
  • Low price.  If you offer a premium sex service at an astonishingly low price, you’ll get calls.  You won’t make much money and you will burn out! But, you’ll get calls.
  • Finally, those “I just wanna get off, I don’t care who does it” guy will call you maybe for 7 minutes.  Next time, he’ll do the same thing with the cheapest/easiest listing on the front page. He won’t know your name, or care.

WHY IT DOESN’T WORK (for long)  LVS resets every night at 12.01 pst.

  • First and foremost, you must have an enticing NiteFlirt Layout  because If they click and don’t call or buy something and your calls don’t last at least 15 minutes, it will cost you MORE the next day to feature the same listing, no matter how many calls you’ve received.  That is “LVS”….
  • The newness will wear off! Once the small world of phone sex customers sees you, calls you, or not, and that long call from the same ol’ story guy has happened, you will NEED new customers.  The front page isn’t for every customer, many know better and look specifically by using the search engine or going to their favorites list.
  • Many curiosity seekers who have no intention of calling you will cost you money by clicking and without a conversion, will lower your ‘LVS’ which has something to do with click to action conversions and this will also cost you more the next time you try to bid for front page placement.
  • And, finally, once you’ve exhausted all the curiosity seekers, the same ol’ story guy and the cheap quickie guy it will start costing you more and more to bid for placement because you’re not converting clicks anymore (or not getting clicks at all) AND MOST WOMEN QUIT.

All of this combined with the front page inviting ‘general’ customers and that includes the difficult ones, which may end with back feedbacks, is why NITEFLIRT’S FRONT PAGE PLACEMENT HAS AN EXPIRATION DATE.


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