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Dec 2021


Design and 2 FemDom training sessions for a beautiful lady in Belguim

Listing Design:


This is hard work! That making 10k per week is bullshit!!!  There is alot to know and thanks for that info about my voice, I’ll work on it. So much to learn”

2nd phone sex training for MILFSTACEY  also listing design


8-1-18(my newest niteflirt listing design customers’ comments on my NiteFlirt front page post)

I reed your info about niteflirt front page and it sounds just like me! Yes I have been that girl through the exact same steps also!! I always believed and still do that the profile must be featured on the 2 front pages. I have experimented and been on a first page under a extra kinky or fin dom category, not the main nf front pages, but with that it seems I just stay up there awhile get clicked but no calls. “



Wow I love it and much more realistic. You are great with the wording too, something I struggle on my mind freezes.  UK.


I’ve been thinking about our call ever since!! Can’t wait to start revamping.  Thank you again so much! You’ve no idea how much your straight forward approach comforted me so much.

“C D”


OMG CANDY! U R A GENIUS!!!!! TY! THIS IS BEYOND PERFECT!!!! I CANNOT THANK U ENUF!!!!!!! Wow are you great at what you do! Thank you! I may contact you in the future for your services but for right now this is MORE THAN ENOUGH and my FUCKING MIND IS BLOWN! If you need an endorsement whatever….. I can provide….. I did not know what to xxxpect. But IM SPEECHLESS! Ty Girl!!!!!




I love it!!! Thank you  (listing design)


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