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Changes to OnlyFans 2021

Update: Aug 29th, well that was short lived…they’re back! But, still be careful.


“Internal documents, leaked to BBC News, reveal that OnlyFans allows moderators to give multiple warnings to accounts that post illegal content on its online platform before deciding to close them.

The leaked internal documents of OnlyFan’s moderators explains that accounts with a big membership base may have been producing illegal content with the knowledge of OnlyFans.  The new changes to OnlyFans are not the result of payment partners per se, I and the BBC agree that is probably about the investigation by the BBC that exposed their complicity with illegal content.

You can read the whole article hereWARNING, EXPLICIT and disturbing information is in the article.

Moderators have also told BBC news they have found prostitution services advertised, bestiality and material one moderator believed to be incest.

At this point in time, is it worth your reputation to be associated with this site?

A BBC investigation found OnlyFans has been failing to prevent underage users from selling and appearing in explicit videos. Under-18s have used fake identification to set up accounts, and police say a 14-year-old used her grandmother’s passport.

Would you sell the same adult content you upload to OnlyFans to NiteFlirt?  If so, they you’re probably doing yourself a favor.  NiteFlirt is going to take %30 rather than OF’s %20 and more, but you’re not associated with a site that allowed bestiality or possible child porn, even one video a moderator saw included a man eating feces.

So, let’s tick up the quality of your content and become a bit more imaginative.

Selling yourself on the internet is a risky business anyway, but don’t you want to be associated with a site that you can be proud of?  I do.  After all, if NiteFlirt would host video content, they would sell more and we would make more money…a win win!  Maybe, we can get them to start doing this?  Good Luck!


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