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Phone Sex Operator Training. No matter your skill level; beginner, novice or intermediate I can teach you the NiteFlirt platform, design your listing for success and teach you phone sex. 11 yrs exp.

Phone Sex Operator Training TotalLipService is a TOTAL SCAM!
Have you seen those girls over-acting on selling $500 dollar phone sex operator training?
LOL, these girls don’t give a shit about your success in phone sex nor whether NiteFlirt is a successful popular place for customers. I do. With NiteFlirt being my main income for more than 10 years, I have seen many changes and I want NiteFlirt to be a place men with money come!
All wants is YOUR MONEY!  Click the link to see what I mean. I think this girl might actually be mentally retarded!                            TotalScammers! 

Phone Sex Operator Training

NiteFlirt is the web’s oldest and most trusted place for adult phone sex but with 1000’s of phone sex operators available, how can you make money? How can customers find you and keep coming back to you?  I can teach you!

Learn phone sex with a reputable and experienced flirt with over 11 years experience!

I have been with NiteFlirt since 2007, and I studied very hard (and made my own mistakes) to know how the site works and how marketing yourself can help you standout!

For $45 for 1 hr I can teach you phone sex

  • By designing your NiteFlirt Listing to reflect YOU personally you get off on the right foot
  • How to market yourself on the site for the best results ie:listing design that works!
  • How to answer your calls and what type of calls to expect
  • How to market your character for wealthy men who spend good money
  • How to approach each customer…with so many different people it’s difficult but with my training, you will be able to work through almost any situation
  • I can help you avoid spending hundreds of dollars on cheap imitation “phone sex operator training” manuels by scammers like (who think you have to be white, young and cheap to make money) Yes, they actually tell black women they have to play white.
  • I can teach you what bidding is and whether to bid at all


These people are jokes!  They are running call centers on NiteFlirt and struggling by charging .99 per minute and going low.  When they go low, they work harder not smarter.


It is NOT NECESSARY TO CHARGE LESS TO MAKE MONEY! If you could get 2 calls at a profit of 1.96 pm and make 130 that day, wouldnt you rather do that than deal with dumb men who can only afford $10 to get off and have to take 30 calls that day to make the same amount of money? Me too!

NOT for the first time, I was recently contacted by a woman who’d paid $500 dollars for a NiteFlirt listing and phone sex operator training from  She was upset and let down.

That is the common theme I hear from people who have bought this service.

First of all, these ‘women’ do not give a fuck about your success in phone sex!  They are con artists.  Their motto is get the money and fuck em afterwards.  That motto applies to the calls they take as phone sex operators as evidenced by their shitty videos where they are OVER-ACTING yelling and basically fake.  Those types of calls get you a short call with a dumb customer who pays .99 per min and who doesn’t give a crap who you are and won’t remember to call you again.

Here is the NiteFlirt listing they sold for $500 to my customer.  She is a 40 yo black woman with a very mature sexy voice and no experience in phone sex.  She has since (find below) used my NiteFlirt listing design and in her first night has made money!  See Email below….

So in sum, they gave a 40 year old black woman an 18 year old white eastern european model with shitty writing and an even shittier listing design and a written phone sex training catelog for $500!!!! is a total scam!

She made money in her
first night on NiteFlirt
with my listing design

Bad NiteFlirt Listing Designs

A poorly written or designed NiteFlirt phone sex listing can prevent your success.

A poorly designed NiteFlirt listing can cost you the call once a customer clicks on your listing.  Why is that?  Look at this example: TOO BUSY! BACKGROUND HURTS YOUR EYES.  This makes reading what the flirt is selling difficult and distracting.
Most women design for WOMEN NOT MEN!

According to a 2017 article published by Mozilla developers explains that not only is ‘blinking’ text, blinking graphics deprecated code, (old and outdated as of 2002) but it will turn off your readers.  Additionally, Google will not rank your site, but will also ignore and de-rank your website. › … › HTML › HTML elements reference  Sep 18, 2017 – Do not use this element as it is obsolete and bad design practiceBlinking text is frowned upon by several accessibility standards and the CSS …

Experienced copy writing personal NiteFlirt design

When considering hiring anyone who claims they are qualified to design your phone sex website or adult phone sex listing, ask for references and ask for a portfolio.  If their website does not have a portfolio/ask why?  Also, if the web designer uses flash, outdated marketing techniques like blinking graphics, blinking text or large unrelated graphics to grab your POTENTIAL customers, he or she has no idea taking your money!  Does she have a drag and drop website without hosting? Is she using pictures of lawn chairs, candy and graphics of flowers?  Do men like that? NO.

EG: Here is an EXAMPLE 

NO ONE WANTS BLINKING ANYTHING IN THEIR EYES!  There’s a reason we have blinking red lights/flashing signs when there is a warning.  It is bad.  Is is designed (orginally) to distract you!

Do you want your potential customers distracted from reading what you sell?  I don’t!


1. Shiny/Flashy/Moving Things are Distracting

Things that blink, buzz, and whir serve a good purpose. There is a reason why we have traffic signs that blink, sirens that scream, and alarm clocks that buzz. These things are designed to tear our attention away from whatever we were trying to do in the first place and PAY ATTENTION. This is never a pleasant experience. Ambulance sirens scare the hell out of me, but I’m generally forgiving because they are serving a public good. If your website starts screaming, talking, spinning, or blinking, it might just scare the hell out of me as well. But my reaction will not be so forgiving. In fact I will never go to your website again.

4. Inconsistent Mobile and Tablet Experiences

More and more people are using phones and tablets

5. Search Ranking

Search engines, like Google, are great at reading text. They are not-so-great at reading images and animations. Sure, HTML5 will be easier for Google to handle then flash, but because of the potential for keyword stuffing and hidden text, words that are embedded in images will probably not be given the same weight as text on the page.

All this being said, I love special effects and animation and there are some awesome interactive websites that are exceptions to the rule because they are designed as a novelty or a multimedia experience. But if you’re trying to grow your fan base and readership and sell some merchandise, you don’t need special effects. You just need a great-looking website that is easy to use.

IN sum, when you hire a NITEFLIRT PHONE SEX designer to create a phone sex listing for you, hire someone who knows what they are doing!  Hire a professional with years of sales and marketing experience, knowledge of SEO, and who understands what men want and what works.

Hire me.

NiteFlirt listings from $30

Full Websites from $150 + $50 per yr for hosting

Blogs from $30 and up


Adult Web Design


NITEFLIRT LISTING help and design.  Would you hire a web master with a drag and drop website with no hosting, no SEO and typos?  Me neither.  Want an adult website for as low as $130*?  I design phone sex listings on NiteFlirt especially for you.  No templates.

My phone sex training is only $45 for one hour via Skype.

Pay via or Google Wallet, SquareCash


NiteFlirt Listing Design Adult Web Design

•Are you nervous and lacking confidence?

•Have a plain unexciting listing?

•Missing out on over 50% of NF business?

•Are you paying out money to make very little in return?

•Are you offering cam services with no photos on your listing?

Avoid the common pitfalls I see everyday.  Relying on being new or selling your service for a low price? You may get some calls at a pitifully low price while paying NiteFlirt to be on their front page. What do you do when it’s more and more expensive to bid?

Why exactly are you in the business?  Are you right for it?

Find out before you invest your money in failure.

Are you getting bad feedback from your customers?

Are you tired of the learning curve?

Are you resorting to sending out free minutes?

Are you in this for the right reasons? 

Are you marketing yourself contrary to your competency?

Contact Me

 Will your customers keep calling year after year? Are you feeding cheap skates who don’t care who you are, are they long term callers?

Examples of what NOT to do before you get proper training.

Below is feedback from a customer on a new flirt’s listing. 

Honestly, when you lay it out for a lady; yet she still pushes to take the call in a direction you don’t want to go. Very Disappointing wish I didn’t waste my time or money.

Contact Me 

Call SexyKinkyCandy for phone sex on


Cam Model Websites

cam girls websites affordable cheap beautiful designs

Brand Yourself!

Get a Cam Model website for only *$150 get worldwide exposure! Be the star you are! YouTube ads available.

More men use Google to find phone with cam services than they do NiteFlirt. Will you be one of the models they find? Get your own cam girl website now! Get a beautiful cam girl website now!


Web Cam Model Websites

Is your internet presence big enough?  Make your presence known around the world!  Get your own screen name as a domain and make yourself a brand today!  That’s how YOUR potential phone sex and cam show customers will find you.

NiteFlirt Cam Girl’s listing design and websites for cam girls.

I started in cam!  What do you need to succeed? What can you learn from me?

  • Is your listing attractive and attracting the search engine
  • Do you have enough internet presence?
  • Does your listing give enough details?
  • Do you know NiteFlirt’s rule and regulations?
  • Is Phone with Cam the best money maker?
  • How can your strategy beat out the competition?


IF YOU ARE A LEGITIMATE PROVIDER and take pride in shows and value your customers, there is room for you to succeed.  Unfortunately, some of the people who have infiltrated NiteFlirt are spoiling it for successful ones. Here is an example:

★The prior caller was correct who gave her one star and I that gave 1 star. I wish I have trusted that caller..Bought the Skype ID too, called. She never got on Skype and was rude.
★★Great call
★Bought the Skype ID, called. spent 15 minutes, she never got on Skype.

Another unfortunate NITEFLIRT cam customer says:

★SCAM! Called and she said I had to purchase her ID. Why have a call now button if the id’s will be for sale? She said it costs $10. So even if she is terrible and I wish to hang up after 2 minutes, I have still paid for 7 minutes. SCAM!
★Savve your money she asks for more money once you connect. Thus the cheap rates. Contact nf she is a scammer 01/06/2016
★Scam. Called n told me to get on a cam website and her cam doesn’t even work. Glad I didn’t waste anymore money.


That means there is room for legitimate professional cam models to capture that $$.

If you are not marketing yourself NOW…if you have a screen name that you have been using for years and you do not have your own cam girl blog or phone sex website then you are missing out on worldwide business.

Let my NiteFlirt web Design Escort Web Design and NiteFlirt listing help keep you from crashing and burning!
Contact Me today.

NiteFlirt Listing Design

NiteFlirt listing design can help you achieve your goals. Tired of paying to be on the front page of NiteFlirt and not receiving any calls?  Do you have a basic phone sex listing with no photos that says something like this: 

“I will fulfill all your fantasies and make them come true.  I am your desire, share you deepest darkest secrets”

That is copy from an actual flirt listing.  Don’t make the common mistakes that all new phone sex operators make. If you are new to phone sex, what you don’t know is hurting you!

flirt website design

NEW GIRL failures happen every day in phone sex.  They pay money to be on NiteFlirt’s front page and get clicks by customers, but no calls.  Once they pay out all that money and fail, they never come back. Get a NiteFlirt listing with photos and great copy for $30.

Common Mistakes I see everyday


Playing both dominant and submissive 

  • Promising ‘as a new flirt’ to fulfill dreams
  • Not using any photos, having a plain listing.


    There are many talented designers who can make you a beautiful ‘fancy’ listing but they are usually TEMPLATES.  A template is only a photo.  You copy and paste a short code into your listings only to find it isn’t bringing you more money. How pretty your listing is, is not important to men!

    Here is an example: sexybird

    Why this didn’t work for this flirt…

    While this is a beautiful NiteFlirt listing, this flirt has had to REDUCE HER RATE down to .90 cents per minute!!  When she took over this listing from it’s previous owner, the prior flirt charged 1.99 per min.  This flirt came into the forums saying, “what a beautiful listing someone created for her”!

    On June 19th 2016 she was on the front page charging a meager .90 per minute. That did not last because no one called. Unfortunately, this pretty template was not what customers were looking for. If your not showing up when a customer does a search, your pretty template listing is useless.

    A template is only a photo and no one was finding this flirt when using NiteFlirt’s search engine and when they did, it was too FANCY, too fake, too pretty and turned them off.  New girls! You don’t have to suffer through the learning curve.  If you are serious about making money and building a NiteFlirt phone sex business, write me.  I can help. Mentoring is only $30 for 45 minutes. We can connect via Skype for audio only discussions.  It’ll be fun to watch you grow.

    Contact Me


    Get a full website for less than some charge for listing design.  Full websites start at $130 and NiteFlirt listings are only $30.  You will copy and paste a long code into your listings and your profile page and MAKE MONEY.

    Adult web design is provided by a female with both escorting and phone sex experience. 

    Contact Me today.


NiteFlirt phone sex training

phone sex training learn niteflirt pso training

Save yourself the hassle!

With my NiteFlirt Phone Sex training, I can teach you more in one day than you’ll learn in a month on your own.  PRICES HERE

With NiteFlirt Listing Design,  I can make you a custom listing with SEO and content in one hour.  STOP wasting your time and your money and start making money now.  See my portfolio here.

NiteFlirt phone sex training.

Ask for references.

Not everyone is suited for the business, but learning how to work the website and your account, and learning how to take calls is essential. 

  • Learn how to work your account efficiently
  • Learn how to bid, why to bid and what bidding does
  • Tips for getting calls without bidding
  • How to initiate calls/if you are ‘thinking’ about phone sex: what it’s all about with truth,  honesty and straight forward advice.
  • Learn what types of call you can expect
  • I will speak with you personally to find out how best to market your phone sex business.  In phone sex, one size does not fit all
  • How to multiply your earnings (secrets)
  • I have a BS in legal studies, a certificate sales and marketing AA, I have hundreds of hours of study in online marketing; including marketing behavior and customer retention. I study SEO weekly.

I have been on NiteFlirt for 10 years and have mastered the business.  As one of Niteflirt’s highest rated flirts I have seen so many new girls come and go.  Will you succeed?


My phone sex mentoring is only $45 for 1 hour. Pay via Google Wallet, NiteFlirt-Square Cash, Stripe. 

All appointments provided through Skype audio. 


  • Call SexyKinkyCandy for phone sex on