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“Let’s make it a reality” Big Mistake!

Almost every day I see this statement on new phone sex operator’s pages. It’s a simple mistake to claim when you have no idea what else to say. Learning who you are, or who you will be in phone sex can take some time. But, let’s face it, there’s one thing you can and will never do for your NiteFlirt customers. MAKE THEIR FANTASIES COME TRUE.

Phone Sex fantasies are best left in the realm of fantasy.

You’re selling a service.  You are not advertising false promises or unrealistic expectations. You are offering a service via a double-blind and anonymous platform.  Your customers can come from a prison or a mansion.  But one thing is true: they are calling you because it’s anonymous. They aren’t looking for reality, they are looking for an escape from reality. And, it’s not a dating service!


The majority of customer’s who come to a phone sex operator are looking for someone with a great imagination who can articulate his ‘fantasy’ into something even more exciting than what he’s already thought of or what another phone sex operator has..YOU CANNOT MAKE THESE SEX FANTASIES COME TRUE SO STOP CLAIMING SO.  And, most wouldn’t want them to come true!  NOTHING LIKE OVER-PROMISING AND UNDER DELIVERING to ensure a business failure.

Just have fun!

It’s all fun!



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