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NiteFlirt Front Page

NiteFlirt Front Page

Over the years I have witnessed the same pattern when new flirts come onto NiteFlirt advertising themselves on the front page of the site.  MY MOST RECENT LISTING DESIGN CUSTOMER’S THOUGHTS ON THIS POST:

I reed your info about niteflirt front page and it sounds just like me! Yes I have been that girl through the exact same steps also!! I always believed and still do that the profile must be featured on the 2 front pages. I have experimented and been on a first page under a extra kinky or fin dom category, not the main nf front pages, but with that it seems I just stay up there awhile get clicked but no calls.

While you will likely make some money at first, eventually it stops working and the same ol’ patterns develop.  Once the pattern evolves into a complete loss of calls and income, most flirts quit.  Some don’t…those who don’t can still make money but you will need help.


  • New Flirt adds a few lines on her listing and a thumbnail PAYS FOR PLACMENT IN Find Women.
  • New Flirt sets her rate too high, realizes it’s not working…lowers her rate.
  • New Flirt gets calls.
  • New Flirt gets some bad feedback and realizes she needs to be professional-comprises rules
  • New Flirt makes some money and gains a higher LVS…lol whatever that is.
  • New Flirt gets some ratings points
  • New Flirt KEEPS PAYING FOR PLACEMENT (that’s the hook)
  • New Flirt maybe…makes more than she’s spending and if she’s dirty enough makes good money
  • New Flirt sits on the front page day after day week after week PAYING FOR PLACEMENT
  • New Flirt starts to see other NiteFlirt operators bidding high amounts and pushes her off front page
  • New Flirt pays more!!! After all, it’s been working for her. She thinks being number 1 is key
  • New Flirt month or so after coming onto front page gaining ratings points see’s it’s costing more to be on front page in top spot.
  • New Flirt pays more!!!!
  • New Flirt stops seeing more income to outgoing fees for front placement.
  • New Flirt thinks its’ her listing so she changes THUMBNAIL to show more flesh
  • New Flirt doesn’t see change…it’s now slow and she’s paying even higher fees!
  • New Flirt changes LISTING DESIGN or adds more pornographic text to her listing
  • New Flirt still get’s charged more for front page placement because her listing is changed and more flirts are bidding (some on purpose to push her off front page) higher to be on front page.
  • New Flirt lowers rate, still calls are not what they used to be
  • New Flirt adds new listings because a new listing costs less than one she was using. No calls.
  • New Flirt has no clue what happened!

Money now not what it was…she’s thinking she’s not nasty enough, not doing a good job and starts doubting herself or becomes paranoid that NiteFlirt has done something.

Flirt starts adding different photos.  Flirt starts working less hours.  Flirt settles for lower placement.

Flirt quits or comes into the forums asking, “what happened, I was making money and getting calls and now nothing”?

Experienced flirts critique her listing, her thumbnails, her marketing and respond, some kindly some unkindly.  Flirt loses all hope and now feels business is bad and other flirts suck.

Flirt quits.

I am currently watching this trend with a flirt (May 1, 2018) today she uploaded her new thumbnail, and changed the listing category because it was getting too expensive for the one she’s been using.


New Flirt got calls for 2 reasons: The men who call from the front page want somone quick and dirty, cheap and easy. They won’t remember you.  Your fast food.  Unmemorable, but you got the job done.

Secondly, the won’t call you back because you didn’t have a marketing plan and build a lasting relationship with these callers because you lack good salesmenship skills and don’t know how to ask for the repeat call.

You offered yourself up to the bad customer, and you were new to the one’s who thought, “hey, maybe she hasn’t heard my fantasy that I have told to hundreds of phone sex operators for years” and it was a nice long call.  They always are with that guy.  Problem is, that guy needs new flirts all the time.

Need help building a long term business in phone sex?  Contact me, SexyKinkyCandy on NiteFlirt or here on my website which you found on Google.

I can help.



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