New to NiteFlirt (Beginners Start Here)

So, you want to be a phone sex operator on NiteFlirt

The first thing I always ask new women is, why?

If the answer is ‘money’ I have hope for you!

Make no mistake about it, phone sex is a job!  Whether you want a few extra dollars for spending money or you’re looking for a full-time job, the essential elements to succeed are no different.

1.You must have an attractive and desirable NiteFlirt listing/layout to grab customers’ attention

2. You must know and offer what they are looking for.  

3. You must be able to provide it.

Some phone sex consultants will bullshit you into believing that you can make thousands of dollars per week or 10k per month.  The truth is most don’t.  If you have nothing else to do but to create ‘content’ and upload it and run a business, and you are very good at it…you might, in time make good money but you’re not making 10k a week. 

If someone is promising you something ‘too good to be true’ they are selling you lies.  They are the ones making money, you’re less likely to.

How to start on NiteFlirt

*Open an account, ‘become a flirt‘.  They will ask you for a credit card to verify your age, you will see a ‘pending charge of $1.00 at this time but then the ‘pending transaction’ will fall away.  You will not be charged.  There are no other fees but featuring your listing fees. 

*Creating your Member Name is an important step and one in which I train flirts to do so that you can get calls from search engine queries without bidding and paying for customers. 

*This next part is ESSENTIAL TO SUCCESS! Creating a Listing on NiteFlirt.  

In order to make money, as mentioned above, you need a listing that attracts customers to you.  “Fresh Meat” syndrome is a real thing on adult websites.  Men like new girls for a number of reasons, read here. After you’ve paid for a featured listing spot and taken a few calls and get a feedback or two, it will begin to cost you more money to feature your listing on NiteFlirt because you have now become “in the mix” and that puts you up against other flirts.  This is the deceptively ratio of calls vs conversions thing NiteFlirt calls LVS.

How do we score the value of a listing? By measuring certain aspects of a listing’s performance. We measure how many people click on your listing to learn more about you, how often those that have clicked go on to place a call, buy a mail, or send a tribute, and how well you maintain your relationships with your customers.”

But, repeat regulars do nothing for your LVS.



If you want a jump start, after reading a few more posts, then contact me.

I will help you gain the tools to succeed in phone sex.








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