Flirts clicking on flirt’s buttons

I don’t mind a click, but when I reach out to you, respond.

I TEACH OTHER FLIRTS this business.  I also design listings, teach marketing techniques and how to do phone sex as well as how to become a FemDom.  I also work multiple accounts regularly and I work as a paralegal for an attorney in DC, so my days are pretty full, and my time is valuable!

Sometimes, communicating with women in this business is an exercise in futility.

Using professional language in business, even if it’s the sex industry is very important.  I have had so many customers tell me that my professionalism mixed with my desire to give them a good experience is why they call me repeatedly.  Since I am selling Flirt Help I do get clicks from people either from my website here or another one.  I always follow-up!  That’s my business.  I sell things and if you have questions, I am there to answer them.

Getting a snotty response to my follow-up just isn’t professional.

Getting blocked after you’ve clicked means you’ve done something you were guilty of.

Either way, I am still always going to follow-up with my clicks because it’s best business practices.

Do you understand that statement?



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