How to become a phone sex operator

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What can you expect to learn?

  • Learn how to work your NiteFlirt account.
  • Learn the truth about phone sex.
  • Learn the NiteFlirt secrets to getting calls without bidding, when to bid and how.
  • Learn how to take calls. Role-playing, Fetishes, general chit chat, Fantasy building
  • Get the keys to success! With Me before you fail.

FACT:Did you know according to a NiteFlirt representative only about 10% of its operators make more than 10k a year?

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Is phone sex right for you?

phone sex training learn niteflirt

Is phone sex right for you?

If someone can’t show you her own success, how can she guarantee yours?

Be very careful of websites like TotalLipService that charge $500 for an over-used and poorly written layout.  I know the NiteFlirt business and I use Google Adwords for own business.  I write effective copy and can teach you how to get calls without bidding for exposure!  Your NiteFlirt Listing Design and copy is made with you in mind.

Are you on the front page but not receiving calls?

  • Get a NiteFlirt listing for only $30 (use on all your listings)
  • Get a blog or Web Site to promote your business (prices vary)
  • Get the truth about phone sex and your suitability for it before you start.

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With Candy’s Phone Sex Kingdom NiteFlirt training, you can be a success!

NOTE: I do not approve of call centers on NiteFlirt therefore, I do not and will not ‘help’ their operators nor design or write copy for them.  If you are part of LipService or any other call center, fuck off!


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