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First of all, let’s understand that when you come onto the NiteFlirt Forums asking questions about how to run your business, you are asking YOUR COMPETITION.

There are many places where flirts can get help from other flirts without drawing attention to your weaknesses.  Here is one place Flirt Services 

Once other flirt’s know you’re struggling they will use that against you by bidding against you, giving you vague advice and using your newness against you.

My phone sex training can alleviate this trend and help you avoid failing at NiteFlirt.  If I have emailed you and offered help, it is because I have been watching you.  I have seen your constant bidding to be on the front page and when you go busy and for how long.  I have seen your listing and what it lacks. I have monitored your understanding of the NiteFlirt platform.

NEW FLIRT 101 after being offered phone sex training

a.How can I get customers to stay on the phone longer with me? (I could have taught you that)

b.Next question, she asks IN A PUBLIC FORUM, what other’s are doing with their income (do not share personal information with other flirts or customers, never talk about your income)

States her income and veteran flirts tell her “that’s because you’re new, it won’t last” and she’s arrogant enough to state, then “I’ll become new every 90 days” (good luck dear)

c.Do you ever run out of things to say to customers? (no, but you’re a newbie phone sex operator who thinks you know WHAT PHONE SEX IS ABOUT) You clearly don’t.


Many NiteFlirt Newbies think they know what phone sex is all about.  I have spoken with many ladies who decided not to join NiteFlirt once they understood what is all about.  Phone Sex is hard work.

Offering phone sex does not always mean some random stranger wanting to go down on you and fuck you ‘hard’.  Learn how to become a SUCCESSFUL phone sex operator.

I have 11 years experience in phone sex and own my own line as well as being one of NiteFlirt’s longest lasting highest rated flirts.


$45 hr on Skype audio LIVE 1 ON 1 PHONE SEX TRAINING.

Learn the platform-are you missing out on 50% or more of NiteFlirt’s business?

Ask me how I know! Get help with NiteFlirt now!

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