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NOT for the first time, I was recently contacted by a woman who’d paid $500 dollars for a NiteFlirt listing and phone sex operator training from  She was upset and let down.

That is the common theme I hear from people who have bought this service.

First of all, these ‘women’ do not give a fuck about your success in phone sex!  They are con artists.  Their motto is get the money and fuck em afterwards.  That motto applies to the calls they take as phone sex operators as evidenced by their shitty videos where they are OVER-ACTING yelling and basically fake.  Those types of calls get you a short call with a dumb customer who pays .99 per min and who doesn’t give a crap who you are and won’t remember to call you again.

Here is the NiteFlirt listing they sold for $500 to my customer. She is a 40 yo black woman with a very mature sexy voice and no experience in phone sex.  She has since (find below) used my NiteFlirt listing design and in her first night has made money!  See Email below….

So in sum, they gave a 40 year old black woman an 18 year old white eastern european model with shitty writing and an even shittier listing design and a written phone sex training catelog for $500!!!! is a total scam!

She made money in her
first night on NiteFlirt
with my listing design


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