I pride myself in my honesty even if it isn’t what you want to hear. 


I will not lead you toward any site as an affiliate.  All of my training is live one on one.

It is my advice based on 13 yrs on NiteFlirt and many other platforms offering phone sex.

I am a phone sex operator, web designer, and paralegal.  No one can promise you a certain amount of money in this business!  It is up to you and what type of life you want, and how much you work and whether you are good or not.  Not everyone is suited for adult sex work.

I will never tell you you can make any certain amount in a business with speculative income.

I don’t make up my education or background nor am I associated with NiteFlirt it’s employees or any site such as I Want Clips, TTM, onlyfans, Clipsforsales or it’s owners/agents.

My opinions are mine and mine alone.

June 9 2020

MILFSTACEY aka Cynthia

This is hard work! It’s bullshit that you make 10k a week! That’s bullshit! Glad I found you because I’d think I was stupid or something if I believed all of that other bullshit you see on Twitter”

Phone sex training session #2 after featuring on NiteFlirt and taking calls for a month.



July 7 2019

“I love it, and didn’t think you would turn it around so fast”.  The Sexy London MILF.

web design and training

June 2019

an email I received from a phone sex training client in re:Totallipservice and their shitty over-priced ‘training’ program.

Phone Sex Training brush up session with a long-time part time pso.

After contacting Totallipservice.org TLS

Flirt web design by candy TLS scammers rip off don't use TLS










One hour session phone sex training:

Thanks you so much for your advice todyay.

I was not sure I would be right for it and after talking to you i think i can do it.
youre really funny and i like how honest you are.
thanks you so much


One  hour session phone sex training and listing help:

Candy, I do.  Thanks and it helps alot to know you’re there if I need you.

It’s not only hard to get started but learning that bidding thing! ouch!

Thank you again! 



Two hour session phone sex training and listing design:

I did learn a little bit with that book on Amzon.com but it suggested that IWC site.

I never got  call there so I’m hoping I get one or LOTS on niteflirt. Thank you.



Following up with a Cam Girl on NiteFlirt to see if her listing is working for her:

Candy, it’s changed my income, I used to get lots of calls but quickies NOW I SEE more longer calls thnks a bunch MissC you are sexy and aw SOME.  mISS fOXXX

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