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Save yourself the hassle!

With my NiteFlirt Phone Sex training, I can teach you more in one day than you’ll learn in a month on your own.  PRICES HERE

With NiteFlirt Listing Design,  I can make you a custom listing with SEO and content in one hour.  STOP wasting your time and your money and start making money now.  See my portfolio here.

NiteFlirt phone sex training.

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Not everyone is suited for the business, but learning how to work the website and your account, and learning how to take calls is essential. 

  • Learn how to work your account efficiently
  • Learn how to bid, why to bid and what bidding does
  • Tips for getting calls without bidding
  • How to initiate calls/if you are ‘thinking’ about phone sex: what it’s all about with truth,  honesty and straight forward advice.
  • Learn what types of call you can expect
  • I will speak with you personally to find out how best to market your phone sex business.  In phone sex, one size does not fit all
  • How to multiply your earnings (secrets)
  • I have a BS in legal studies, a certificate sales and marketing AA, I have hundreds of hours of study in online marketing; including marketing behavior and customer retention. I study SEO weekly.

I have been on NiteFlirt for 10 years and have mastered the business.  As one of Niteflirt’s highest rated flirts I have seen so many new girls come and go.  Will you succeed?


My phone sex mentoring is only $45 for 1 hour. Pay via Google Wallet, NiteFlirt-Square Cash, Stripe. 

All appointments provided through Skype audio. 


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