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I have studied thousands of hours of videos, articles and and taken classes to get where I am today.

If you are new to NiteFlirt or any online cam platform where you are showing your face, you need to know how to stay as safe as possible.

MANY younger girls who came onto the internet sex scene have done so because of Kim Kardashian and other inane twits who have no talent, no brains and have made million upon millions of dollars selling themselves.

If you, or someone you know is thinking she can do the same, and make money, here is a video I highly recommend.  She has a strong accent and forget the silly wig, but this woman says more in one video than I can in a podcast, article or the NiteFlirt forums.

Good Luck, have fun and STAY SAFE.  Oh, there is something she forgot to mention, if you are camming from your home, make sure your surroundings don’t have mail, or recently delivered gift boxes or any other personal identifiable stuff behind you.  All it takes is an enlarged screen to read it.

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