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9-12-18 My newest client came to me after paying for their BAD online/written phone sex training. See email below:

I just recently made an account on iwantphone and I’m still getting
everything together I have my model pics and a video but and I bought
a custom bio from totallipservice that I’m waiting for (I wish I would
have found your video before I made the perchase ūü§¶ūüŹĹ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ) but I still feel like I need more in-depth training. I bought the training course from total lip service¬†I spent all of my money on them so I’ll have to wait to get my money up before I can start¬†training with you but like I said I just wanted to see if you trained girl outside of niteflirt. You’re such an angel for this thanks for exposing the truth its a bit late for me but I still appreciate it

Her email to after speaking with me! 

totallipservice is a scam phone sex training with Candy 11 yrs experience



Totallipservice is TOTAL SHIT!

  • Too many complaints about rudeness, disrespect of women BY WOMEN.
  • Below is an example of a flirt who paid money for their services and wasted every penny. She took the online phone sex training course, and has now quit the business altogether. Her email to me:

I do need training. Calls dont last long. Dont want to keeo spending $40+ a day on bids. & i did in a call center & this Total Lip Service thing on i found on Youtube. ¬†Paid $400 for “training” ¬†a. Total waste of time. Only good that came out was the Layout, Bio, & Licensed model pics..but as far as “training” a big waste of time. I dont even really know what to say..idk..i can do ALOT BETTER.

Here are the names to beware of: Cidney Green and Stephanie Cathcar here is a snippet of an email they sent to a professional writer they tried to hire.

The fact that you are complaining, acting like this is such a hard task and .reneging after you had already agreed to do a job ¬†makes you appear lazy, unreliable and incompetent. ‚Äč


  • Totallipservice has a youtube video with 2 women claiming they make 100k a year in phone sex after using this service. If they were ACTUALLY phone sex operators, wouldn’t they also advertise where men who see their ads can call them?
  • If someone selling you a service as a consultant or a professional, and she cannot prove her own success, how can she provide you yours?
  • One shows ‘income’ from phone sex to potential buyers.¬† That is income she earns from selling YOU their service.¬† Its her commission.


Example of the shit writing/layouts you get for $500!


Here is the proof! Over charges. 

phonesex U, totallipservice, niteflirt training

Email rec’d 9/9/17
This girl spent hundreds!

learn to become a phone sex operator NiteFlirt training with Candy

Over Used Template

  • Do you want to put money in this man’s pockets? ¬†Here is a link his old domain where you can read what he says about himself.

I do not recommend…

PLEASURE PLAYPEN is a long time phone sex operator who has a HORRIBLE reputation for treating the PSO’s they hire to work on her NiteFlirt Call Center.¬† She is a low rate low brow country bumpkin who gives operators access to her listings on NiteFlirt even her own, then blocks your access if you’re not performing as she wants you to.¬† If you work for someone and they block your ability to make money, then STOP WORKING FOR HER.¬† Her name is Stacey Weiss aka OYS inc…

June 2020 Yet another complaint about PLEASUREPLAYPEN Stacey Weiss.

Below is the newest COMPLAINT ABOUT PLEASUREPLAYPEN from a phone sex operator.

pleasure playpen rip off scammers rude phone sex owners


  • You do not need them! No one ‘contracts’ with NiteFlirt.¬† This company lies to it’s operators and takes advantage. ¬†They are known to not pay and when they do, they pay very little.
  • ¬†NiteFlirt takes %30 of your call totals, plus .20 a minute. ¬†Here is the proof they don’t pay.
  • ¬† Rip off reports
  • What a recent NiteFlirt operator wrote me about phonesexop enterprises

    “Michelle” said they kept 3 weeks of her income! She now has her own phone sex business on NiteFlirt with my listing design and training, $60 total for both.

Texting only jobs can be deceiving and possibly illegal. BEWARE! Why? Because, as one of my recent client’s said, they are ‘top secrete” (her spelling) and they pay way below the norm, but most of all THEY PAY VIA PAYPAL.

Anyone with a legitimate business does not use PayPal for payment as it is against paypal’s terms of service to do anything with adult businesses, and you will/could have your money seized!

.20 per chat!¬† But, you don’t know who you are chatting with and they could be underage.

Be very sure what IS and ISN’T proper copy writing and adult marketing!

  • Some flirts offer services but since you have no idea what’s good or bad, you can’t tell whether he/she is good at what they offer.¬† Here are some hints:
  • 1.Do not hire a designer who has a drag and drop website like Wix.
  • 2.Do not hire a designer who’s clients cannot claim her designs brought them more calls.
  • Do not hire someone who adds blinking graphics, blinking text and large silly graphics.

Do not pay flirts who cannot prove their portfolio and give you references.

  1. First off, they seem to be confused about what type of service they are! ¬†They use the term, ‘dating’ on their site to advertise. ¬†They have customers’ accounts with online dating form information.¬† Do you want your callers thinking they can ‘date you’? NO!

2.As of 2018 once you join their platform, they insist you ‘prove yourself’ by taking calls on their 800 (name a city single’s 900/800 number ad) ‘dating’ singles or adult phone talk lines.¬† These are NOT PHONE SEX customers!¬† They are looking for quick fun and no one is seriously looking for phone sex. If they are, you won’t know it.¬† You are paid measley pennies.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY-if you EVER miss a call.  They will use an automated system to robo-call you.  Platforms like and are there for INDEPENDENT phone sex operators to advertise on.  You are NOT THEIR EMPLOYEE.  

4. If you miss calls and do not answer any of the robocalls, they will block you from access to your account.

You have sensitive information in your account, including your real name, address and banking information.

5.They take 50% of your per minute rate. THE HIGHEST IN THE INDUSTRY! ¬†If you want to work for that little, (they have a per min cap at 2.99) which is 1.25 per min in earnings; then work for a dispatch service. ¬†That way, you don’t have to do anything but answer the phone. ¬†No listings to create, no photos, no online banking info, etc…

Do not use CAM GIRL.CLOUD on NiteFlirt or TTM.

They sell you a fancy HD listing but the code goes back to them. aka “link back’ Photo enhanced to show you why: they ‘host’ your page.¬†warning do not use them for niteflirt



These template designs are eye-catching but they will get you suspended on Niteflirt unless you remove their link back and you CAN NOT REMOVE THE LINK BACK.  They are also CSS which is not allowed on NiteFlirt pages, so even if you can copy and paste some of this onto your page, NF will not allow it to load.  Sorry.

NiteFlirt will suspend your listings since the code that links back to them also mentions chatterbate and many other competitive services. Ask for custom design’s by myself or


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