Phone Sex Training Custom Web Design

Pricing (PSO training NiteFlirt Layouts)

For phone sex training $50 1 hr

Use my contact form to set up an appointment.  I usually respond within 24 hrs.  After we agree on a time, you will then pay.  Once I receive payment I will send you a Skype invite.  We will do our training session on Skype (audio only) so we both remain anonymous.  The alternative is to call me on Niteflirt and pay my per minute rate. i will still want to know your flirt name in advance.

NiteFlirt Layouts $70 and *up

If you are using your own photos please send them to me on NiteFlirt.  If you want a model, I require a $30 deposit towards the cost which is TBD.  I like to know what you’re character is…and your screen name and any copy you want written.  I can write copy very well too.  Colors and/or ‘style’ options are up to you, or you can let me chose. *with your photos but 2257 will increase cost

Full websites *$500 and up


I am SEO proficient, and I host your domain and site in the US.  All updates and security provided.

Pay here or contact me.

       I will offer follow-up support to a degree.


Design services…

Full Phone Sex Websites  $500 up

All of my FULL WEBSITES (like this one) come with the following: Domain, hostings, SEO, privacy so that no one can reverse lookup who owns your site. Safety first!

What do you get with my full adult web design websites?

    • Up to 3 pages of content including contact form
    • URL your domain name which is registered privately (
    • Hosting on a well known host provider with over 99% uptime
    • SEO Search engine optimization
    • Security updates and private registration
    • ( I maintain control of your website) you will need to pay $50 per yr for hosting and **$20 or more for your websites’ name.  depends on what your url costs


    • Blog style or full website ($150 up) with a CUSTOM header with your content
    • Content, if you wish me to use a model the fee is an extra $49 deposit for time to research and find her and buying her.   2257 packages differ in price.  You can also buy 2257 here!


NITEFLIRT LISTING DESIGN $70 and up (one design for all your categories) Paid on NF=$91

Pay here.    
All of my NiteFlirt Listing designs are unique

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