NiteFlirt listings $50*

This includes search engine friendly copy and your photo(s).  Copy and paste into all of your listings for one low price.

*Adding content (models) photos are extra! Price TBD

Phone Sex training and NiteFlirt listing Social Media packages


NiteFlirt listing+model photos on your listing (not for sale)

Twitter header with your photo(s)

One hour live phone sex training

note: if you use your own photos, remember that reverse image search can expose your personal info.

NiteFlirt training $50hr

We will use Skype AUDIO so we both remain private.  OR, if you wish you can call me on NiteFlirt at a reduced rate.

$50 for one hour

Teaching you how to work the platform could take up to 2 or 3 sessions.  I suggest for complete new phone sex operators, 2 sessions.

Phone Sex Blog $50 and up

Custom look and design with labels search features and all you need to start writing including coaching.

Full escort or phone sex operator websites $300 up*

Escorts, look like the professional you are!  Reach the upscale clients with a clean, professional website.

A full website with your particular specialty is available with excellent search engine optimization, private registration and copyright protection.

*domain ( and hosting must be paid upfront.

Please note: DO NOT BUY a domain yourself.  It is important that I buy it with my host.

*If the domain you wanted is taken we may need to pay more.

*Two full pages or a blog style website

Hosting and domain renewals and maintenance every year $50

Please see FAQ for more info.


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