NiteFlirt listings $30*

This includes search engine friendly copy and your photo(s).  Copy and paste into all of your listings.

*Adding content (models) photos are extra! Price TBD

note: if you use your own photos, remember that reverse image search can expose your personal info.

NiteFlirt training

We will use Skype AUDIO so we both remain private.  OR, if you wish you can call me on NiteFlirt at a reduced rate.

$45 for one hour

Teaching you how to work the platform could take up to 2 or 3 sessions.  I suggest for complete new phone sex operators, 2 sessions.

Phone Sex Blog $40 and up

Custom look and design with labels search features and all you need to start writing including coaching.

Full escort or phone sex operator websites $300*

Escorts, look like the professional you are!  Reach the upscale clients with a clean, professional website.

A full website with your particular specialty is available with excellent search engine optimization, private registration and copyright protection.

*domain ( and hosting must be paid upfront.

Please note: DO NOT BUY a domain yourself.  It is important that I buy it with my host.

*If the domain you wanted is taken we may need to pay more.

*Two full pages or a blog style website

Hosting and domain renewals and maintenance every year $50

Please see FAQ for more info.


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