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NiteFlirt Listing Design

NiteFlirt Listing Design

NiteFlirt listing design can help you achieve your goals. Tired of paying to be on the front page of NiteFlirt and not receiving any calls?  Do you have a basic phone sex listing with no photos that says something like this: 

“I will fulfill all your fantasies and make them come true.  I am your desire, share you deepest darkest secrets”

That is copy from an actual flirt listing.  Don’t make the common mistakes that all new phone sex operators make. If you are new to phone sex, what you don’t know is hurting you!

flirt website design

NEW GIRL failures happen every day in phone sex.  They pay money to be on NiteFlirt’s front page and get clicks by customers, but no calls.  Once they pay out all that money and fail, they never come back. Get a NiteFlirt listing with photos and great copy for $30.

Common Mistakes I see everyday


Playing both dominant and submissive 

  • Promising ‘as a new flirt’ to fulfill dreams
  • Not using any photos, having a plain listing.


    There are many talented designers who can make you a beautiful ‘fancy’ listing but they are usually TEMPLATES.  A template is only a photo.  You copy and paste a short code into your listings only to find it isn’t bringing you more money. How pretty your listing is, is not important to men!

    Here is an example: sexybird

    Why this didn’t work for this flirt…

    While this is a beautiful NiteFlirt listing, this flirt has had to REDUCE HER RATE down to .90 cents per minute!!  When she took over this listing from it’s previous owner, the prior flirt charged 1.99 per min.  This flirt came into the forums saying, “what a beautiful listing someone created for her”!

    On June 19th 2016 she was on the front page charging a meager .90 per minute. That did not last because no one called. Unfortunately, this pretty template was not what customers were looking for. If your not showing up when a customer does a search, your pretty template listing is useless.

    A template is only a photo and no one was finding this flirt when using NiteFlirt’s search engine and when they did, it was too FANCY, too fake, too pretty and turned them off.  New girls! You don’t have to suffer through the learning curve.  If you are serious about making money and building a NiteFlirt phone sex business, write me.  I can help. Mentoring is only $30 for 45 minutes. We can connect via Skype for audio only discussions.  It’ll be fun to watch you grow.

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    Get a full website for less than some charge for listing design.  Full websites start at $130 and NiteFlirt listings are only $30.  You will copy and paste a long code into your listings and your profile page and MAKE MONEY.

    Adult web design is provided by a female with both escorting and phone sex experience. 

    Contact Me today.



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