Men care less about how your listing LOOKS, than what you are selling.  Search engines care about what your listings SAY about the service you offer.


Wondering what I teach?  See this post for more info. PhoneSexTraining

1.How long have been designing listings and websites?

I have been on NiteFlirt for 10 years and only recently, June 2016 created this website and started marketing my services.  I got fed up with all the problems on NiteFlirt, started my own phone business in 2012 where I began creating my own websites and learning SEO and Google analytics and adwords.  I also have a marketing background. (As of June 2017-I am limiting my work to 1 flirt listing a month. Full websites will take 2 weeks or more to return to you.)

1.(a)BUTTONS: In order to create buttons for your NiteFlirt listings for tips, you must create the button YOURSELF in your account.  Go to ‘create buttons” and follow instructions.  For CUSTOM BUTTONS,  it is an extra $15.  They are time consuming.  In my 8 years on NF, men rarely click buttons to tip.  Customers get the option from within their accounts after the call.

2.How do I pay you?  GoogleWallet, Giftrocket.com SquareCash, NiteFlirt

Sending payment through your NiteFlirt account is easy.  Please add 30%d more since NF takes that much. For training, NiteFlirt listings and full escort or phone sex websites you can also use www.giftrocket.com (for a small fee) or Google Wallet for free. Use my contact form for an appointment. I will receive that request immediately as I don’t always check NF mail.

3. Why don’t you have ‘free’ stuff?

Sorry, I am busy and I am not doing this for fun, it’s a business.  I also have to limit time on my laptop due to carpel tunnel syndrome.  There are free graphics on NF in the forums.

4. Why are templates (also called “layouts’)so bad? ( visit my ‘ripoffs page to see why Totalipservice is bad!)

Templates are attractive but they are only a picture.  You copy and paste a few lines of text into your NiteFlirt listing.  While attractive to LOOK AT they do not attract the search engine.  I hand code and personalize your NITEFLIRT listing to reflect YOU.  I will send you a very long code which you will need to copy and paste into your listing. It may need to be updated with NiteFlirt’s code fixer, just hit ‘use this’ and it should work fine.

5.How soon can I expect to see my website or NiteFlirt listing?

You can expect your listing within 5 days (or sooner). If I am not busy (such as summer time) I may get it back to you sooner.  Do not over-pay someone like Totalipservice for their ‘layouts’ they are over-used and customers do not like them.  They are ‘too fancy’.

A full website can take up to 2 weeks.  Buying your domain and hosting must be paid upfront before any work is done.  I will only offer those coding and designs I can perform.  I don’t do hand coding as I use WordPress for full websites.

6. “My listings were suspended on NiteFlirt and I don’t understand why?

NiteFlirt has a strict group of rules that govern their ability for use of the site.  Here is just a screen shot for you, but I encourage you to READ the rules before you go further.

As of March 2017 you may no longer insinuate that you have ‘no limits’ or ‘no taboos’.

See my videos
See my videos
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