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NiteFlirt Bidding Help (featured listings)

FEATURING YOUR LISTINGS ON NITEFLIRT AND BIDDING FOR PLACEMENT The whole reason we do that is to CONVERT those bids for placement into MONEY! I can teach you the secrets to making that work for you. Much depends on whether you convert CLICKS TO CASH. Who wants to give NiteFlirt money for NOTHING? THERE ARE…
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Call Centers are bad business (NiteFlirt)

YOU DO NOT NEED A CALL CENTER TO WORK IN PHONE SEX ON NITEFLIRT Below you will see listings all run by a call center on NiteFlirt.  I can tell you that “making you cum” is probably the owner, or Pleasure PlayPen is.  Either way, they are ruining the extra kinky phone sex category on…
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Adult Content USC 2257 compliant (New)

Introducing New Adult Content packages (2257 compliant) With so many new phone sex operators out there looking for content, and so many old Adult Content sites having gone out of business; I am offering adult content packages with 2257 compliant at reasonable rates.  You can find a few offerings here. Designing a page on NiteFlirt…
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Cam Girl Layouts (NiteFlirt custom designs)

NiteFlirt has such a great opportunity for a hard working cam girl to make lots of cash and long term customers!  Cam with phone used to be such a popular section on NiteFlirt.  I started in cam in 2007 and many days I would be put on the front page top spot with no bid. …
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What is a Pay Per Click Program (adult phone sex)

HOW TO USE AND WIN WITH NITEFLIRT’S PAY PER CLICK PROGRAM Unlike many other adult phone sex sites like Talk**** and several European Adult websites where phone sex workers, escorts, cam models and FemDom’s can advertise their businesses, NiteFlirt has a PPC or Pay Per Click program.  Does this mean it will make you more…
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Learn Phone Sex

Learn how to steer calls when they are against NiteFlirt’s policies Phone sex sites have varying rules and policies they expect you to follow, and in fact, can and will suspend your use of their site if you fail to do so.  NiteFlirt is probably the most provencial and restrictive phone sex site on the…
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Another one bites the dust

I see NITEFLIRT FRONT PAGE FAILURES EVERY DAY. And this post is about yet another one.  It would be funny if the flirt on the front page isn’t sitting there PAYING NITEFLIRT FOR CLICKS IN ORDER TO PAY HER BILLS.  When I see room for improvement in a listing or because of bad feedbacks, better…
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Phone Sex Safety

KEEP YOURSELF SAFE WHILE WORKING ON ADULT SITES AS A PHONE SEX OPERATOR One of my customers was able to find my real life social media profiles AND where I live. He Google searched my first name, city, and the industry I work in for my day job and was able to find my full…
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SkyPrivate Chaterbate Live CAM sites

Let’s get you to stand out among the hundreds of CAM girls on these sites!  Many of these sites have great front pages with beautiful thumbnails, but once someone clicks on the thumbnail things get boring if you don’t engage your customers with photos and a description of what you offer. Cam Girl layouts designed…
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