Call Centers on NiteFlirt (bad listing design)

Call Centers on NiteFlirt (bad listing design)

What some call rude, others call HONEST IMPACTFUL SPEECH.

And, that’s what you will get from #flirtwebdesign and #phonesextraining with Candy.

I don’t do ‘girly talk’ and I’m not into going around giving cyber hugs, I am direct and honest without hesitation to tell the truth, call you out and hopefully impact you.  That’s me.  Candy.

I wish I knew who was making these new awful listings so that I could run them off of NiteFlirt or contact the operator DIRECTLY.  Because, she is probably making .25 per minute from the call center.  Now, assuming it IS THE PERSON who is listed on the account, which I highly doubt, she is not  MAKING MONEY.

Today, I watched as the four star rating account was left off and the new zero ratings points listing sat in the top spot for hours with NO CALLS. Finally, she got a 15 minute call and went straight back to the front page. The cost of sitting in that spot minus the income from her call means she is not even making a profit.  Nor, the call center.  Get better listing copy! Poor writing (copy) of your phone sex listing can cause you to, a) lose income and b)get the wrong customer. 

This listing isn’t SELLING A PHONE SEX SERVICE, it is a dating site advertisement. 

“eg:wrong customer”

If you want to tell your lifestory on your phone sex business, make them pay to hear it!

Your listing design or lack off design can cost you hundreds of dollars per month when featuring your ad.

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Many women will call me a bitch because I am blunt.  But, most women speak with flowery terms, passive phrasing and the inability to say anything contrary.  I am not afraid to speak with strong impactful speech because YOU DESERVE that.  If you’re paying me for my expert advice, or phone sex training, I will not blow smoke up your skirt.  I won’t go around telling you that you’re right, you’re wonderful and you’re going to be successful if I don’t think you are.

I will however, with compassion and caring tell you the truth.  None of my clients (to my knowledge) who have paid for my #phonesextraining or #niteflirtlayout designs have gone away feeling abused.

IN fact, I get follow-up thank you for your honesty and direct approach emails.  If after taking over 300k calls in phone sex, owning my own call center, and having my own 800# business for 13 yrs isn’t proof enough that my NiteFlirt phone sex and NiteFlirt platform training is enough for ‘expert honest advice’ then I suggest going to rip offs and getting taken by a bunch of .99 cent call center operators who yell and squeal and fake orgasms to their stock boy customers,

Oh, and their call center on NiteFlirt was finally shut down as well as Stacy of ____ who is rude to her operators and will block you from your account.

I am still here.  NiteFlirt account. 

Call me or contact me today to start your own phone sex business today!

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