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Bad NiteFlirt Listing Designs

Bad NiteFlirt Listing Designs

A poorly written or designed NiteFlirt phone sex listing can prevent your success.

A poorly designed NiteFlirt listing can cost you the call once a customer clicks on your listing.  Why is that?  Look at this example: TOO BUSY! BACKGROUND HURTS YOUR EYES.  This makes reading what the flirt is selling difficult and distracting.
Most women design for WOMEN NOT MEN!

According to a 2017 article published by Mozilla developers explains that not only is ‘blinking’ text, blinking graphics deprecated code, (old and outdated as of 2002) but it will turn off your readers.  Additionally, Google will not rank your site, but will also ignore and de-rank your website. › … › HTML › HTML elements reference  Sep 18, 2017 – Do not use this element as it is obsolete and bad design practiceBlinking text is frowned upon by several accessibility standards and the CSS …

Experienced copy writing personal NiteFlirt design

When considering hiring anyone who claims they are qualified to design your phone sex website or adult phone sex listing, ask for references and ask for a portfolio.  If their website does not have a portfolio/ask why?  Also, if the web designer uses flash, outdated marketing techniques like blinking graphics, blinking text or large unrelated graphics to grab your POTENTIAL customers, he or she has no idea taking your money!  Does she have a drag and drop website without hosting? Is she using pictures of lawn chairs, candy and graphics of flowers?  Do men like that? NO.

EG: Here is an EXAMPLE 

NO ONE WANTS BLINKING ANYTHING IN THEIR EYES!  There’s a reason we have blinking red lights/flashing signs when there is a warning.  It is bad.  Is is designed (orginally) to distract you!

Do you want your potential customers distracted from reading what you sell?  I don’t!


1. Shiny/Flashy/Moving Things are Distracting

Things that blink, buzz, and whir serve a good purpose. There is a reason why we have traffic signs that blink, sirens that scream, and alarm clocks that buzz. These things are designed to tear our attention away from whatever we were trying to do in the first place and PAY ATTENTION. This is never a pleasant experience. Ambulance sirens scare the hell out of me, but I’m generally forgiving because they are serving a public good. If your website starts screaming, talking, spinning, or blinking, it might just scare the hell out of me as well. But my reaction will not be so forgiving. In fact I will never go to your website again.

4. Inconsistent Mobile and Tablet Experiences

More and more people are using phones and tablets

5. Search Ranking

Search engines, like Google, are great at reading text. They are not-so-great at reading images and animations. Sure, HTML5 will be easier for Google to handle then flash, but because of the potential for keyword stuffing and hidden text, words that are embedded in images will probably not be given the same weight as text on the page.

All this being said, I love special effects and animation and there are some awesome interactive websites that are exceptions to the rule because they are designed as a novelty or a multimedia experience. But if you’re trying to grow your fan base and readership and sell some merchandise, you don’t need special effects. You just need a great-looking website that is easy to use.

IN sum, when you hire a NITEFLIRT PHONE SEX designer to create a phone sex listing for you, hire someone who knows what they are doing!  Hire a professional with years of sales and marketing experience, knowledge of SEO, and who understands what men want and what works.

Hire me.

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