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Save yourself the hassle!

With my NiteFlirt Phone Sex training, I can teach you more in one day than you’ll learn in a month on your own.  PRICES HERE

With NiteFlirt Listing Design,  I can make you a custom listing with SEO and content in one hour.  STOP wasting your time and your money and start making money now.  See my portfolio here.

NiteFlirt phone sex training.

Ask for references.

Not everyone is suited for the business, but learning how to work the website and your account, and learning how to take calls is essential. 

  • Learn how to work your account efficiently
  • Learn how to bid, why to bid and what bidding does
  • Tips for getting calls without bidding
  • How to initiate calls/if you are ‘thinking’ about phone sex: what it’s all about with truth,  honesty and straight forward advice.
  • Learn what types of call you can expect
  • I will speak with you personally to find out how best to market your phone sex business.  In phone sex, one size does not fit all
  • How to multiply your earnings (secrets)
  • I have a BS in legal studies, a certificate sales and marketing AA, I have hundreds of hours of study in online marketing; including marketing behavior and customer retention. I study SEO weekly.

I have been on NiteFlirt for 10 years and have mastered the business.  As one of Niteflirt’s highest rated flirts I have seen so many new girls come and go.  Will you succeed?


My phone sex mentoring is only $45 for 1 hour. Pay via Google Wallet, NiteFlirt and Square Cash

All appointments provided through Skype audio. 



Become a Cam Girl

How to become a cam model on NiteFlirt

Hello, are you interested in becoming a cam girl on the NiteFlirt platform?  Great, there are a few things you will need to be successful.  The first thing you need is a great listing that will showcase you!

After all, you are selling your body and face as well as your voice and imagination right?  I started as a cam girl on NiteFlirt in 2007 and changed to phone only by 2010.  I can help you get a great listing design that showcases your service and gets your calls.  You will need:

  1. A listing that is easy to read, no fancy script.
  2. A listing that describes your shows
  3. Your best photos to showcase what your customers are paying for
  4. A great phone and cam!

Contact Me today for your first cam girl listing on NiteFlirt! It’s only $30 for a listing and you can use it on all categories.  SexyKinkyCandy

Making money in phone sex


There has been some talk lately about the realistic idea that you can make “six figures’ in phone sex.  While I agree that some extremely hard working, very long time phone sex opertors may make something near that, I have proof from an owner/customer relations expert that very few do.

In an article published in 2016 by “The Life of a Phone Sex Operator” on one such person we all know as Erin M. on NiteFlirt stated:

Although the work can be lucrative, it appears that only a minority make a full-time living from phone sex. Erin M. of Niteflirt says the site has tens of thousands of active accounts, but fewer than 2,000 make over $10,000 a year. Niteflirt users who earn that much, Erin says, tend to devote 40-hour weeks to their business. For most PSOs, phone sex supplements other income or fills a small budget deficit. 


As with any new business there is sometimes a surge in excitement for a new product.  Unfortunately, that surge is often followed by a down-swing in sales.  With NiteFlirt, for example, there aren’t that many customers really…they come and go year after year-the same guys who say the same thing, like the same fantasies and ask for the same type of calls no matter who he speaks with.  Phone sex is a small world.

With competitors coming into the market in the last 3 yrs with different earnings strategies on their platforms and offering new ways to connect with a larger variety of customers; NiteFlirt has only seen fit to increase their market share by adding chat (which pays very little) and content sales in the form of goodies.  While “Goodies” may seem a nice way to earn money while sleeping, it is a confusing process.

If you are new to phone sex and want to make part-time income you can count on some EXTRA INCOME.  If you can work hard and long hours and have some natural talent, you may do well.

If you want to challenge yourself to make six figures then I say GO FOR IT!!! WORK HARD LONG HOURS and never say no to anyone; take calls from pedofiles and snorting snotting weird fuckers who  make you want to throw up and never sleep through the night.  But, keep in mind there is a totem for which the top is burn-out.


*Charging an average of $1.50 per min

*To be on the phone 5 hours a day 365 days a year!

That is with NiteFlirt taking 30% plus .20 per min of your earnings.

Yes, I said EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR!  Even if you could average that…say more hours in one day, less than five the is still constant calls EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year!  Only then…

would a single phone sex operator make 100,000 after NiteFlirt takes 30% and .20 per min.

As we can all see by forum posts and those of us who have been in the business for many years can tell you, NiteFlirt does not have that level of traffic day after day 365 days a year no matter who you are!  Summer, for example can be tremendously slow.  Also, the American Holidays such as Christmas and Easter (Spring Break for school kids) can be awful.

Can you make 50k per year on NiteFlirt?

That’s more realisitc if you build a clientele and work very hard.  Let’s say a phone sex operator could get half the amount of business one would need to, to make 100k.  That means you average 2.5 hrs of calls 365 days a year charging 1.50 per minute.  (as an average)  That’s 2.5 hours of calls every day!


Let’s say she gets 2.5 hours of phone calls every single day of the year, without fail 365 days of the year.  To make 100,000 dollars a year a phone sex operator would need to sell $50,000 dollars worth of content a year.

NOTE: IF YOU USE YOUR OWN PHOTOS that means taking hundreds of shots of yourself in a variety of outfits, poses and levels of nudity and selling them to God knows who.

Be forewarned when anyone tells you how much money they make, they embellish.  They embellish for ego or because of competiveness and other reasons.  Also, be very careful of women who use terms like ‘always, never’ without exception and those terms which indicate there is never a fluctuation.

There is always a fluctuation in every business.  Even top models don’t work all year long. Nor whores.

But you made good money with a call center, can I make the same for myself?

Possibly.  Call Centers often advertise in cheap magazines read my low-education cheap customers like truck drivers and mall security guards.  They charge a very low rate like .89 per minute and you get .39 pm.

To run your own business, you will need to rely on repeat customers who like YOU, not just some random girl on the phone making sucking noises.  I can help you learn the business and maybe help you change some bad habits you learned from call centers.

What I cannot do, and will not EVER do is fill your head with false information and set you up for a let-down.  You can make good money, if you work hard.  Don’t expect to fail, expect to do well and you just may.

become a phone sex operator, learn niteflirt, teach me phone sex,

But don’t expect 100,000.00 per year unless you’re willing to do what very few women have the mental capacity to do six or seven days a week 365 days a year.  Never say no, never take a day off, and always answer the phone. but…Many of us have lives; school, families, children, social lives and friends who we get balance from to make taking phone sex calls tolerable.  You should work to have a balance too.

If you can work 24/7 365 and you are like some women who just don’t digest much in life.  They aren’t deep thinkers or feelers.  They kinda go on auto-pilot and never really get affected by phone sex customers.  And, if you can listen to the sometimes vulgar sexual conversations and men ejaculating every single day of the year for hours and hours on end over-night and never say no to anyone, you may do very well.


Contact Me for more info.

Candy reviews

Do not pay for this! You will be disappointed, cheated and you will NOT succeed in phone sex.

I have now heard from seven women who were cheated out of their money by TTL, and have been sold SHITTY WRITTEN PHONE SEX TRAINING, shitty listing designs with bad models who don’t match the woman, and SHITTY WRITING SERVICES.

This is what they say about their writing services, and this is what you get! Shit! A fifth grader could write better than this!  Also, the young lady who this was given to, bought a model from them, they didn’t even look at her model before they sent this! Why? Because, thinks men only want barely legal phone sex operators!  SCAMMERS! review scammers! stay away from


NiteFlirt Scammer [2018]


No such person exists!


I have done MY BEST to warn potential phone sex operators and NiteFlirt Cam Models about the Phone Sex Training Scammers on YouTube, but now there’s a new one!  It seems to me he is just collecting email addresses to sell ADULT CONTENT and affiliate links and possibly RUN SPYWARE. 


His claim?  “Make $1,000/week as a phone sex operator – [2018]”

Here’s the thing, he is claiming that you can make $1000 a week on NiteFlirt (on autopilot?) offering live cam and he can teach you how.  He is selling ADULT CONTENT and web hosting and design for NiteFlirt lisitings and is assuming you are dumb enough to pay for the adult content and get his ‘free’ written instructions on how to start a call center! 



What he’s REALLY DOING is building email lists so YOU GET SPAMMED.  How do I know that?

This is the theme he is using to build his website. Here 

NiteFlirt Review Scammer

BEWARE of anyone who claims you can make a certain amount of money in phone sex!  Especially, a man.  Here is the ONLY result in a google image search of the guy in the photo whose name is ‘supposedly’ Steve Cook.  YouTube channel of a body builder.  Here


They are getting smarter and greedier every day!  His Claim?

You can easily make $1000/week on niteflirt through phone sex and other ways.


I took this directly from his website!  Notice the improper english?  

You care paid through Direct Deposits (ACH) or a Check which is sent through US Postal service


(you can withdraw money each day and receive it within ten days). This comes with a fees of 2%

NiteFlirt has not charged a fee for express pay for more than 6 years.  Also, notice the underlined text and improper english. Yet, another improper english statement on his website.

Skype Porn after you Become Pornstar

Just like any other occupation or business, earning money with Niteflirt require proper research and gaining attention of people.

While that statement is true, his english is not.

ADULT CONTENT  can be purchased through myself or by doing a google search.  Running your own call center requires NiteFlirt approval and a former call center history of at least 5 operators before you come to NiteFlirt.

As for how to make money on NiteFlirt as a Cam Model or a phone sex operator, my phone sex operator training and NiteFlirt platform training come with personal 1 on 1, live phone sex operator training by an experienced Cam Model, and phone sex operator.






What I suggest is that you pay an EXPERIENCED phone sex operator to teach you,

1.How to stay safe while offering phone sex or cam service

2.How to take calls so you can build a clientele

3.How to work the NiteFlirt platform to your best advantage (there are tricks)

and I suggest you by-pass all of this and start on your own before you see that I  can help make you more successful.  Here are my testimonials. 

Contact Me if interested.


Or my NiteFlirt Listings HERE



Phone Sex Operator Training-NiteFlirt

Phone Sex Operator Training. No matter your skill level; beginner, novice or intermediate I can teach you the NiteFlirt platform, design your listing for success and teach you phone sex. 11 yrs exp.

Phone Sex Operator Training TotalLipService is a TOTAL SCAM!
Have you seen those girls over-acting on selling $500 dollar phone sex operator training?
LOL, these girls don’t give a shit about your success in phone sex nor whether NiteFlirt is a successful popular place for customers. I do. With NiteFlirt being my main income for more than 10 years, I have seen many changes and I want NiteFlirt to be a place men with money come!
All wants is YOUR MONEY!  Click the link to see what I mean. I think this girl might actually be mentally retarded!                            TotalScammers! 

Phone Sex Operator Training

NiteFlirt is the web’s oldest and most trusted place for adult phone sex but with 1000’s of phone sex operators available, how can you make money? How can customers find you and keep coming back to you?  I can teach you!

Learn phone sex with a reputable and experienced flirt with over 11 years experience!

I have been with NiteFlirt since 2007, and I studied very hard (and made my own mistakes) to know how the site works and how marketing yourself can help you standout!

For $45 for 1 hr I can teach you phone sex

  • By designing your NiteFlirt Listing to reflect YOU personally you get off on the right foot
  • How to market yourself on the site for the best results ie:listing design that works!
  • How to answer your calls and what type of calls to expect
  • How to market your character for wealthy men who spend good money
  • How to approach each customer…with so many different people it’s difficult but with my training, you will be able to work through almost any situation
  • I can help you avoid spending hundreds of dollars on cheap imitation “phone sex operator training” manuels by scammers like (who think you have to be white, young and cheap to make money) Yes, they actually tell black women they have to play white.
  • I can teach you what bidding is and whether to bid at all


These people are jokes!  They are running call centers on NiteFlirt and struggling by charging .99 per minute and going low.  When they go low, they work harder not smarter.


It is NOT NECESSARY TO CHARGE LESS TO MAKE MONEY! If you could get 2 calls at a profit of 1.96 pm and make 130 that day, wouldnt you rather do that than deal with dumb men who can only afford $10 to get off and have to take 30 calls that day to make the same amount of money? Me too!

Cam Girl Online Safety

I have studied thousands of hours of videos, articles and and taken classes to get where I am today.

If you are new to NiteFlirt or any online cam platform where you are showing your face, you need to know how to stay as safe as possible.

MANY younger girls who came onto the internet sex scene have done so because of Kim Kardashian and other inane twits who have no talent, no brains and have made million upon millions of dollars selling themselves.

If you, or someone you know is thinking she can do the same, and make money, here is a video I highly recommend.  She has a strong accent and forget the silly wig, but this woman says more in one video than I can in a podcast, article or the NiteFlirt forums.

Good Luck, have fun and STAY SAFE.  Oh, there is something she forgot to mention, if you are camming from your home, make sure your surroundings don’t have mail, or recently delivered gift boxes or any other personal identifiable stuff behind you.  All it takes is an enlarged screen to read it.

NiteFlirt Front Page

Over the years I have witnessed the same pattern when new flirts come onto NiteFlirt advertising themselves on the front page of the site.  MY MOST RECENT LISTING DESIGN CUSTOMER’S THOUGHTS ON THIS POST:

I reed your info about niteflirt front page and it sounds just like me! Yes I have been that girl through the exact same steps also!! I always believed and still do that the profile must be featured on the 2 front pages. I have experimented and been on a first page under a extra kinky or fin dom category, not the main nf front pages, but with that it seems I just stay up there awhile get clicked but no calls.

While you will likely make some money at first, eventually it stops working and the same ol’ patterns develop.  Once the pattern evolves into a complete loss of calls and income, most flirts quit.  Some don’t…those who don’t can still make money but you will need help.


  • New Flirt adds a few lines on her listing and a thumbnail PAYS FOR PLACMENT IN Find Women.
  • New Flirt sets her rate too high, realizes it’s not working…lowers her rate.
  • New Flirt gets calls.
  • New Flirt gets some bad feedback and realizes she needs to be professional-comprises rules
  • New Flirt makes some money and gains a higher LVS…lol whatever that is.
  • New Flirt gets some ratings points
  • New Flirt KEEPS PAYING FOR PLACEMENT (that’s the hook)
  • New Flirt maybe…makes more than she’s spending and if she’s dirty enough makes good money
  • New Flirt sits on the front page day after day week after week PAYING FOR PLACEMENT
  • New Flirt starts to see other NiteFlirt operators bidding high amounts and pushes her off front page
  • New Flirt pays more!!! After all, it’s been working for her. She thinks being number 1 is key
  • New Flirt month or so after coming onto front page gaining ratings points see’s it’s costing more to be on front page in top spot.
  • New Flirt pays more!!!!
  • New Flirt stops seeing more income to outgoing fees for front placement.
  • New Flirt thinks its’ her listing so she changes THUMBNAIL to show more flesh
  • New Flirt doesn’t see change…it’s now slow and she’s paying even higher fees!
  • New Flirt changes LISTING DESIGN or adds more pornographic text to her listing
  • New Flirt still get’s charged more for front page placement because her listing is changed and more flirts are bidding (some on purpose to push her off front page) higher to be on front page.
  • New Flirt lowers rate, still calls are not what they used to be
  • New Flirt adds new listings because a new listing costs less than one she was using. No calls.
  • New Flirt has no clue what happened!

Money now not what it was…she’s thinking she’s not nasty enough, not doing a good job and starts doubting herself or becomes paranoid that NiteFlirt has done something.

Flirt starts adding different photos.  Flirt starts working less hours.  Flirt settles for lower placement.

Flirt quits or comes into the forums asking, “what happened, I was making money and getting calls and now nothing”?

Experienced flirts critique her listing, her thumbnails, her marketing and respond, some kindly some unkindly.  Flirt loses all hope and now feels business is bad and other flirts suck.

Flirt quits.

I am currently watching this trend with a flirt (May 1, 2018) today she uploaded her new thumbnail, and changed the listing category because it was getting too expensive for the one she’s been using.


New Flirt got calls for 2 reasons: The men who call from the front page want somone quick and dirty, cheap and easy. They won’t remember you.  Your fast food.  Unmemorable, but you got the job done.

Secondly, the won’t call you back because you didn’t have a marketing plan and build a lasting relationship with these callers because you lack good salesmenship skills and don’t know how to ask for the repeat call.

You offered yourself up to the bad customer, and you were new to the one’s who thought, “hey, maybe she hasn’t heard my fantasy that I have told to hundreds of phone sex operators for years” and it was a nice long call.  They always are with that guy.  Problem is, that guy needs new flirts all the time.

Need help building a long term business in phone sex?  Contact me, SexyKinkyCandy on NiteFlirt or here on my website which you found on Google.

I can help.

NOT for the first time, I was recently contacted by a woman who’d paid $500 dollars for a NiteFlirt listing and phone sex operator training from  She was upset and let down.

That is the common theme I hear from people who have bought this service.

First of all, these ‘women’ do not give a fuck about your success in phone sex!  They are con artists.  Their motto is get the money and fuck em afterwards.  That motto applies to the calls they take as phone sex operators as evidenced by their shitty videos where they are OVER-ACTING yelling and basically fake.  Those types of calls get you a short call with a dumb customer who pays .99 per min and who doesn’t give a crap who you are and won’t remember to call you again.

Here is the NiteFlirt listing they sold for $500 to my customer.  She is a 40 yo black woman with a very mature sexy voice and no experience in phone sex.  She has since (find below) used my NiteFlirt listing design and in her first night has made money!  See Email below….

So in sum, they gave a 40 year old black woman an 18 year old white eastern european model with shitty writing and an even shittier listing design and a written phone sex training catelog for $500!!!! is a total scam!

She made money in her
first night on NiteFlirt
with my listing design

Bad NiteFlirt Listing Designs

A poorly written or designed NiteFlirt phone sex listing can prevent your success.

A poorly designed NiteFlirt listing can cost you the call once a customer clicks on your listing.  Why is that?  Look at this example: TOO BUSY! BACKGROUND HURTS YOUR EYES.  This makes reading what the flirt is selling difficult and distracting.
Most women design for WOMEN NOT MEN!

According to a 2017 article published by Mozilla developers explains that not only is ‘blinking’ text, blinking graphics deprecated code, (old and outdated as of 2002) but it will turn off your readers.  Additionally, Google will not rank your site, but will also ignore and de-rank your website. › … › HTML › HTML elements reference  Sep 18, 2017 – Do not use this element as it is obsolete and bad design practiceBlinking text is frowned upon by several accessibility standards and the CSS …

Experienced copy writing personal NiteFlirt design

When considering hiring anyone who claims they are qualified to design your phone sex website or adult phone sex listing, ask for references and ask for a portfolio.  If their website does not have a portfolio/ask why?  Also, if the web designer uses flash, outdated marketing techniques like blinking graphics, blinking text or large unrelated graphics to grab your POTENTIAL customers, he or she has no idea taking your money!  Does she have a drag and drop website without hosting? Is she using pictures of lawn chairs, candy and graphics of flowers?  Do men like that? NO.

EG: Here is an EXAMPLE 

NO ONE WANTS BLINKING ANYTHING IN THEIR EYES!  There’s a reason we have blinking red lights/flashing signs when there is a warning.  It is bad.  Is is designed (orginally) to distract you!

Do you want your potential customers distracted from reading what you sell?  I don’t!


1. Shiny/Flashy/Moving Things are Distracting

Things that blink, buzz, and whir serve a good purpose. There is a reason why we have traffic signs that blink, sirens that scream, and alarm clocks that buzz. These things are designed to tear our attention away from whatever we were trying to do in the first place and PAY ATTENTION. This is never a pleasant experience. Ambulance sirens scare the hell out of me, but I’m generally forgiving because they are serving a public good. If your website starts screaming, talking, spinning, or blinking, it might just scare the hell out of me as well. But my reaction will not be so forgiving. In fact I will never go to your website again.

4. Inconsistent Mobile and Tablet Experiences

More and more people are using phones and tablets

5. Search Ranking

Search engines, like Google, are great at reading text. They are not-so-great at reading images and animations. Sure, HTML5 will be easier for Google to handle then flash, but because of the potential for keyword stuffing and hidden text, words that are embedded in images will probably not be given the same weight as text on the page.

All this being said, I love special effects and animation and there are some awesome interactive websites that are exceptions to the rule because they are designed as a novelty or a multimedia experience. But if you’re trying to grow your fan base and readership and sell some merchandise, you don’t need special effects. You just need a great-looking website that is easy to use.

IN sum, when you hire a NITEFLIRT PHONE SEX designer to create a phone sex listing for you, hire someone who knows what they are doing!  Hire a professional with years of sales and marketing experience, knowledge of SEO, and who understands what men want and what works.

Hire me.

NiteFlirt listings from $30

Full Websites from $150 + $50 per yr for hosting

Blogs from $30 and up


How to become a phone sex operator

become a phone sex operator, learn niteflirt, teach me phone sex, Become a phone sex operator

My live 1 on 1 skype training for only$45 per hour-start taking calls and making money now!

What can you expect to learn?

  • Learn how to work your NiteFlirt account.
  • Learn the truth about phone sex.
  • Learn the NiteFlirt secrets to getting calls without bidding, when to bid and how.
  • Learn how to take calls. Role-playing, Fetishes, general chit chat, Fantasy building
  • Get the keys to success! With Me before you fail.

FACT:Did you know according to a NiteFlirt representative only about 10% of its operators make more than 10k a year?

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