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Learn how to become a phone sex operator.

Before I go further, let me introduce myself.  I am Candy or Candace-I have been a full-time phone sex operator for 10 years.  I began working on NiteFlirt as a phone sex operator cam girl.  I offer affordable phone sex training.  No matter where you work or what you intend to do with training, you will find it satisfactory.  I have references.  I currently work on NiteFlirt and I run my own 800# business.  There are rip offs in the business, please do not over-pay LipService or PhoneSexU-!

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(If you don’t hire me, at least, don’t hire them and don’t overpay!)

About Me: I have a BS in law (pre-law) with a minor in communications from a northeastern university.  I also have multiple certifications in a medical field as well as certificates in sales and marketing. I have 106 hours of SEO/Web Design and effective copy writing.  I have also escorted, modeled, and run my own personal training company.  So, in sum, I have done a lot.  Now, phone sex is my full-time job.  I am my own boss!

Learning to become a phone sex operator is a big decision.  I can help you learn more about the REALITY of phone sex; with my honesty and direct approach I can help you decide whether this business is for you. If so, I can teach you how to do phone sex.

Learn how to become a phone sex operator

  • $45 for one hour session via Skype (I suggest 2 if you’re completely new) audio so both of our numbers remain private
  • Learn where you can work and how much you can expect to make
  • Be your own boss! As an independent phone sex operator means you own/run your business
  • Learn how to take calls and how to interact with each customer’s requests
  • What type of calls can you expect-role plays, fetishes, specialties, casual conversation
  • How to set yourself up for success NOT failure
  • Get a NiteFlirt listing for only $30 Learn how to work the NiteFlirt platform
  • Get a blog or Web Site to promote your business (prices vary)
  • All the tools you need to succeed!

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Candy’s Phone Sex Kingdom 

How to become a phone sex operator.  See my Rip Offs page to learn more who NOT TO WORK FOR and protect yourself from unscrupulous people before you lose money and excitement about being a phone sex owner operator.

NOTE: I do not approve of call centers on NiteFlirt therefore, I do not and will not ‘help’ their operators nor design or write copy for them.  If you are part of LipService or any other call center, get out now!



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NiteFlirt Phone Sex Training

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NiteFlirt Listing Design

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NiteFlirt phone sex training

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