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Save yourself the hassle!

With my NiteFlirt Phone Sex training, I can teach you more in one day than you’ll learn in a month on your own.  With NiteFlirt Listing Design,  I can make you a custom listing with SEO and content in one hour.  STOP wasting your time and your money and start making money now.  See my portfolio here.

NiteFlirt phone sex training.

I will teach you how to answer your calls, what phone sex is all about, how to market yourself to optimize your strengths and become successful at NITEFLIRT phone sex.

Ask for references.

Not everyone is suited for the business, but learning how to work the website and your account and what it is all about; is the start you need to succeed! 

I have been on NiteFlirt for 10 years and have mastered the business.  As one of Niteflirt’s highest rated flirts I have seen so many new girls come and go.  Will you succeed?

Sitting on the front of the NiteFlirt website does not mean you will get calls.  Is your listing attractive and enticing?  Are you using all the tools provided to you? I can help you.

My phone sex mentoring is only $45 for 1 hour. Pay via Google Wallet, NiteFlirt-Square Cash and I’ll set up a time we can audio chat on Skype.

Get the skills to by-pass all the bullshit and games, and wasted money to make money in phone sex NOW.

How to become a phone sex operator

Become a phone sex operator My live 1 on 1 skype training for only$45 per hour-start taking calls and making money now! What can you expect to learn? Learn how to work your NiteFlirt account. Learn the truth about phone sex. Learn the NiteFlirt secrets to getting calls without bidding, when to bid and how. Learn how to take calls. Role-playing, Fetishes, general chit chat, Fantasy building Get the keys… Continue reading

Is phone sex right for you?

Is phone sex right for you? If someone can’t show you her own success, how can she guarantee yours? Be very careful of websites like TotalLipService that charge $500 for an over-used and poorly written layout.  I know the NiteFlirt business and I use Google Adwords for own business.  I write effective copy and can teach you how to get calls without bidding for exposure!  Your NiteFlirt Listing Design and… Continue reading

NiteFlirt YouTube Ads

Now producing YouTube video/audio for NiteFlirt phone sex operators, Cam Girls Escorts (discreetly done) Get on YouTube today! Did you find me on YouTube? If YOU did so have many others.  They could find YOU too! Contact Me. Why not get your own YouTube video/audio and become a phone sex or live cam girl YouTube star!  NiteFlirt phone sex girls make more money when you look professional  All it takes… Continue reading

Adult Web Design

NITEFLIRT LISTING PORTFOLIO NITEFLIRT LISTING help and design.  Would you hire a web master with a drag and drop website with no hosting, no SEO and typos?  Me neither.  Want an adult website for as low as $130*?  I design phone sex listings on NiteFlirt especially for you.  No templates. My phone sex training is only $45 for one hour via Skype. Pay via or Google Wallet, SquareCash   NiteFlirt… Continue reading

Cam Model Websites

Get a Cam Model website for only *$130 get worldwide exposure! Brand yourself in 2017. Be the star you are!  Get bigger and better to make more money. More men use Google to find phone with cam services than they do NiteFlirt. Will you be one of the models they find? Get your own cam girl website now! I started in cam!  What do you need to succeed? What can… Continue reading


Normally the saying goes, “so and so is king” but I don’t subscribe to that terminology. SEO is queen! SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION IS extremely important if you do business on the web. NITEFLIRT web design and phone sex training SEO is king, queen and the freaking God of all web design.  A cam model website or NiteFlirt listing or YouTube video or blog are NOTHING until people find them and… Continue reading

NiteFlirt Listing Design

NiteFlirt listing design can help you achieve your goals. Tired of paying to be on the front page of NiteFlirt and not receiving any calls?  Do you have a basic phone sex listing with no photos that says something like this:  “I will fulfill all your fantasies and make them come true.  I am your desire, share you deepest darkest secrets” That is copy from an actual flirt listing.  Don’t make… Continue reading