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12 yrs experience on NiteFlirt- I offer 1 on 1 live training

Affordable Adult Web Design and NiteFlirt Pages

Learn to be a FemDom

Why do you want to be something you’re not? OH! You think you will make more money being a FEMDOM? Good! I can work with that! Money is always a great motivator!   Learn to be a FemDom Actually, there isn’t anything worse than a fake FemDom. Men know. They can smell it a mile…
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NiteFlirt Phone Sex training

With my NiteFlirt Phone Sex training, I can teach you more in one day than you’ll learn in a month on your own.  ALL INQUIRIES MUST BE MADE THROUGH CONTACT FORM or NITEFLIRT AND PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE.   NiteFlirt phone sex training. Ask for references. Not everyone is suited for the business,…
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Phone Sex and education requirements

There is no education level requirement to apply for, work on or start your own phone sex business. NITEFLIRT IS FREE TO START YOUR OWN PHONE SEX BUSINESS As are, many other phone sex platforms.  There are barely any interview questions given to applicants by call centers aka dispatch phone sex sites and numbers.  But,…
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Call Centers on NiteFlirt (bad listing design)

What some call rude, others call HONEST IMPACTFUL SPEECH. And, that’s what you will get from #flirtwebdesign and #phonesextraining with Candy. I don’t do ‘girly talk’ and I’m not into going around giving cyber hugs, I am direct and honest without hesitation to tell the truth, call you out and hopefully impact you.  That’s me. …
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Another one bites the dust

I see NITEFLIRT FRONT PAGE FAILURES EVERY DAY. And this post is about yet another one.  It would be funny if the flirt on the front page isn’t sitting there PAYING NITEFLIRT FOR CLICKS IN ORDER TO PAY HER BILLS.  When I see room for improvement in a listing or because of bad feedbacks, better…
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Phone Sex Safety

KEEP YOURSELF SAFE WHILE WORKING ON ADULT SITES AS A PHONE SEX OPERATOR One of my customers was able to find my real life social media profiles AND where I live. He Google searched my first name, city, and the industry I work in for my day job and was able to find my full…
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NiteFlirt Cam Girl Layouts by a PSO (1 of a kind)

My NITEFLIRT CAM GIRL LAYOUTS ARE UNIQUE TO YOU AND YOUR BODY. Whether you want to be a GFE CAM MODEL $40 FEM DOMME CAM MODEL LAYOUTS $40 FinDom Mistress NiteFlirt Layouts $40 BARELY LEGAL PRINCESS PHONE SEX LAYOUTS $40 They are all $40 (with only one Skype link button) I have buttons that can…
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SkyPrivate Chaterbate Live CAM sites

Let’s get you to stand out among the hundreds of CAM girls on these sites!  Many of these sites have great front pages with beautiful thumbnails, but once someone clicks on the thumbnail things get boring if you don’t engage your customers with photos and a description of what you offer. Cam Girl layouts designed…
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Phone Sex Designs

BAD MARKETING CAN COST YOU ADULT SALES  Not everyone knows marketing.  Not every web designer who makes phone sex listings or NiteFlirt pages knows marketing.  She or he may know how to design but knowing your customers and how aroused men search for phone sex operators, porn and written erotic stories is more important than…
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NiteFlirt Cam Girl Jobs

Ever wanted to try and make good money providing live cam shows?  Maybe, you already do on some other platform and want to add another phone sex with cam site to your performances.  Come on join NiteFlirt! You can take-over! NiteFlirt’s live cam section NEEDS YOU! I started as a cam girl on NiteFlirt many…
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